Teen Moms


… a select program for teen/young moms

Chosen is a three-year program that meets every Monday night during the school year. Each teen/young mom is paired with a personal mentor who will help her set and achieve short-term and long-term goals.

In addition to her personal mentor, each mom receives the following FREE services every week while she attends the program:

  • Lifeskills Workshop
  • Child Care
  • Dinner
  • Gas Card  (if needed)

Statistics show that every mom who completes CHOSEN:

     *  100% Graduated High School / Received GED
     *  71% Attended College
     *  100% Off Government Assistance (unless attending college)
     *  100% No Repeat Unplanned Pregnancies


  PECAN PIE.learning how to bake it   SPA NIGHT


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