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About the Program
Donors will choose which calendar day or days they would like to sponsor and pay an annual donation of $310 or divide the donation into 12 monthly payments ($26/month).  This is the daily operational cost of Still Waters based upon our budget and includes all services, supplies, bills and staff costs.

Donors may want to sponsor a day that has special meaning to them such as:

  • Birthday(s)
  • Anniversary(ies)
  • In Memory of
  • In Honor of

Businesses or Organizations may also choose to be our Sponsor of the Month.  Please contact our office to learn more.


How It Works
The Sponsor a Day program operates through simple automatic transfers. Once the donor chooses whether to give annually or monthly, automatic transfers from either the donor’s debit/credit card or account will be set up in the following way:

  • Automatically deducted from the donor’s checking or savings account through electronic funds transfer…. OR
  • Automatically charged to the donor’s Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card

Donors may also pledge to send monthly checks via mail.  However, in attempts to make this as simple as possible for our donors, we highly encourage setting up automatic donations.


We Need YOU!
The Sponsor A Day program makes gift giving easier for financial supporters of Still Waters and is designed to be mutually beneficial to Still Waters by helping with:

  • Budget stabilization
  • Increased foresight for future growth and improvement of the ministry
  • Securing coverage of operational expenses so that efforts can be focused on clients instead of fundraising

Sponsor Reports
At the end of your sponsored day, a report will be sent to you giving a depiction of all the activities that occurred at Still Waters on that day. If the sponsored day falls on a holiday or weekend, the next business day will be reported.   The Sponsor Report will include information such as:

  • # of clients served
  • # who chose life for their child
  • # of clients with whom we shared the gospel of Christ
  • # of professions of faith in Christ
  • # of students reached in schools
  • # of teen/young parents served
  • # of people receiving healing from past sexual abuse
  • # of people receiving healing from past abortion(s)
  • Personal testimonies
  • Any other important activities that occur throughout the day

At the close of the year, all donors will receive a receipt of all gifts given for their tax records. All donations are tax exempt.

Terms and Conditions
The authorization to charge your bank account or credit card is the same as if you had personally signed a check to Still Waters. This agreement will remain in effect until you request that we end this agreement.

A record of your gifts will be included on your bank or credit card statement. If there is an error, you are responsible for notifying Still Waters. We will look into it as soon as possible.