We have seen numerous students become empowered to make positive life choices after participating in the i am ENOUGH program.  Administrators and students have noticed changes too.  Listed below are a few comments we have received from them:

“After your presentations, there were several individual conversations with students that were brought on because of the things you all brought to light!  Students brought some things up to teachers and went to them as mentors, which we really have not seen before.  Thanks so much for what you brought to us and hope we can work with you in the years to come.”

“Still Waters truly makes a difference and they add a component to our campus that is invaluable!”  

“I wish that we could have Still Waters more often.”


“I’m glad we have Still Waters because it helps me think twice and make right decisions.”

“Always keep this program going.”

“I love that you are teaching young girls like me.”

“You have changed me inside and out.”

“Thanks for the morning message.  They always make me smile and your words really inspire me to be the best that I can be.  Have an amazing day!!!! and please come back soon! :)”

“Thank ya’ll for the talk today.  It really did open my eyes.  Thanks for everything you have done for us this year!  It really meant a lot to me.  I honestly don’t know what situation I would be in right now without ya’ll.  Thank you for caring for us so much!!”

“Your presentations have really helped me.  My life hasn’t ever been the easiest, and I’ve been through a lot, but you help me get through life.  Thank you for everything!”

CMS.8th grade girls.session 3 CMS.Keepsake.words of affirmation 


“Don’t change anything.  Keep doing what you do best.  Thank you for teaching me to man up.”

“This program has really opened my eyes about so many things.”

“Very helpful.  Taught me how to be a man.”

“This really changed how I felt and thought about myself.”

Text received from one of our men speakers after an i am ENOUGH session:
“Wow moment!  Student came up to me after assembly and said ‘you sound like a comic book!  I feel like Superman.  I could do anything.’  God does this in me, not me.  I prayed this morning to have impact.  Did not expect that!”

CMS.boys with Craig   SRMS.boys with Steve