School Program

We partner with public/private schools and other pregnancy centers by providing them with a character development / sexual integrity program for their community students called I Am Enough.

I Am Enough educates students about self-worth, purpose and integrity.  Once students learn their value and purpose, they begin to see themselves differently.  Light bulb moments begin to occur, and they become confident tweens / teens who are empowered to make positive choices.

I Am Enough is a program designed to educate the following age groups:

  • 6th grade boys & girls
  • 7th grade boys & girls
  • 8th grade boys & girls

To learn more about the above programs, you can download this FREE Promotional Booklet to view sample slides and program overviews.  To download, please click >>> PROMOTIONAL BOOKLET

Also, over the past several years, we have developed great relationships with the School Districts we work with.  The ongoing feedback we receive from their Administrators is very encouraging.  Here are comments we have received:

“After your presentations, there were several individual conversations with students that were brought on because of the things you all brought to light!  Students brought some things up to teachers and went to them as mentors, which we really have not seen before.  Thanks so much for what you brought to us and hope we can work with you in the years to come.”
Dr. Dan Crawford, Principal

“Still Waters truly makes a difference and they add a component to our campus that is invaluable!”
Cindy Fowler, Assistant Principal

“I wish that we could have Still Waters more often.”
Amy MacAfee, Principal

To learn more about the I Am Enough school program, you can continue browsing the I Am Enough section of this website or contact us directly at 972-932-HELP (4357) or